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Dental Disease in Your Pets

Did you know February is Dental Health month? To honor this month, we are offering 10% off all dental cleanings for dogs and cats performed in the month of February + FREE toothbrush!

Why is dental health so important in your pets? 

It is one of the most common PREVENTABLE diseases we see in dogs and cats! When bacteria and plaque build up on the teeth, they start to cause inflammation and irritation to the gums. This can lead to pain for our pets and, eventually, the loss of their teeth. The bacteria can also get into the blood stream and travel to your pet's internal organs. 

How do we treat dental disease?

Once plaque and tartar have built up, a professional dental cleaning under general anesthesia is the required treatment. Here at the Ashton Animal Clinic our dental cleanings start by using our ultrasonic cleaner to remove the plaque and tartar from the teeth. After the plaque is removed we inspect for any loose teeth that will need to be removed, infection, masses and other abnormalities. The teeth are then polished and a fluoride treatment is performed. 

How can you prevent dental disease?

The good news is there are several things you can do at home to help slow the progression of dental disease in your pets! One key factor is to start brushing your pet's teeth EVERYDAY with a canine or feline toothpaste.  Starting this when they are young will help them get used to the teeth brushing and allow you to continue good oral hygiene into adulthood. Other remedies such as special Oral diets, treats and water additives are also great tools to help slow the progression of dental disease. Some pet's (just like humans) are prone to developing dental disease but starting home oral care young can help lengthen the time before they need a professional dental cleaning and also help to lengthen the time in between their professional cleanings. 

An annual wellness exam with your veterinarian is also important. During the exam your veterinarian will thoroughly examine the teeth and assess the level of tartar, gingivitis, and dental disease. Based on their exams they will discuss any changes (if any) that need to be changed with your pet's oral health plan moving forward. 

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